Where to Buy Kratom in New York

Where to Buy Kratom in New York

Sometimes local is better, and that’s especially true in New York City where you can find just about anything if you look hard enough. We’re especially big fans of local kratom retailers, and have hand-selected our favorite shops below.  Be sure to check these stores out next time you’re in the Big Apple.

Sunflower Pipes

Sunflower Pipes Brooklyn

Address:  12 Wilson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11237; 518 Grand Street, Brooklyn, New York 11211

About:  Sunflower Pipes is hands down our favorite smoke shop in New York.  Not only do they have a great selection of kratom, but also a gorgeous variety of hand-blown pipes and glassware.  Sunflower Pipes also has one the largest and best selections of CBD products in the City.

Why We Love It:  The ambiance in Sunflower Pipes can’t be beat.  Mahogany wood and antique lamps take you back to a time when smoking was about sophistication and handmade accessories.   But Sunflower Pipes is not only about nostalgia — they also stock one of the best collections of modern CBD and vape products.


Mount Kratom Homepage

Address:  Online, but based in Brooklyn, New York. 

About: MountKratom is an online retailer with nationwide reach, but enjoys enjoys unique popularity with New Yorkers (perhaps because it is based in hometown Brooklyn).  MountKratom boasts an impressive selects of strains in both powder and capsule form, and offers convenient variety packs if you want to try a few new strains simultaneously.  Their Premium/Super Strains, which on average have 10% higher mitragynine content, are not to be missed and may be the best kratom for pain.  

Why We Love It:  Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house, or need a wider selection of strains than your local kratom shop can deliver.  While other online retailers can get the job done, shipping speeds can vary depending where they are located (and whether kratom is legal where you live).  MountKratom ships daily directly out of Brooklyn, meaning that New Yorkers enjoy lightning-quick delivery speeds.

Pur Vape and Smoke Shop

Pur Vape and Smoke Shop Homepage

Address:  346 9th Avenue, New York, New York 10001

About: Pur Vape and Smoke Shop prides itself on carrying natural products, and their kratom selection is no exception.  Pur also carries everything else you would expect from a full-service smoke shop — vapes and e-liquids, cigars, hookahs and glass pipes.  They even have an adult novelty section — a throwback to the old days when you’d often see an “Adults Only” section in local shops. 

Why We Love It:  Pur has an incredible selection and extremely knowledgeable staff.  The storefront is beautiful, and the stock is well organized. 

Holy Smokes

Holy Smokes Homepage

Address:  168 Elmora Avenue, Elizabeth, New Jersey 07202

About: Holy Smokes is technically not in New York City, but it’s well worth the short drive to see the famous “kratom wall” — an incredible selection for a local retailer.  Holy Smokes also has in stock countless CBD, kava and tobacco products and accessories.   

Why We Love It:  If any local shops in the New York area have a bigger selection, we haven’t found them.  And their selection is outdone only by the knowledge of their sales associates, who are some of the best we’ve encountered.

East Village Smoke Shop

East Village Smoke Shop Homepage

Address:  177 1st Avenue, New York, New York 10003

About: East Village Smoke Shop is just a couple of blocks from St. Mark’s Place, one of the hippest blocks in the country.  They have a wide variety of kratom products, as well as the usual tobacco products you would expect — with a heavy focus on vaporizers.  They’ve been in business for more than 35 years, and have a knowledgeable and enthusiastic staff.  

Why We Love It:  Location, location, location, as they say.  If you’re going to venture out for your kratom, you might as well visit East Village and its eclectic shops and restaurants while you’re at it.  

Brooklyn Smoke Shop

Smoke Shop Homepage

Address:  198 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217

About: Brooklyn Smoke Shop is heralded as Brooklyn’s best smoke shop, given its enormous selection of kratom, cbd and vape products and accessories.  And if you’re into hookah or cigars, they have one of the largest (and most well-organized) selections in the city.    

Why We Love It:  Brooklyn Smoke Shop has some of the best prices we’ve found, likely a result of buying in bulk to stock its huge selection of products.  

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