Doctor Describing the Side Effects of Kratom

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

Doctor Describing the Side Effects of Kratom

What Are the Side Effects of Kratom?

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With over 20 active chemicals, Kratom is an incredibly complex plant. The research surrounding its human consumption is still in its beginning stages, and there’s a lot about both the documented side effects and potential side effects that remains uncertain due to the lack of regulation. 

This is one of Kratom’s pitfalls – which
is a double-edged sword as this lack of regulation is what keeps the plant accessible to those who would otherwise turn to equally if not more questionable substances. However, that doesn’t mean you have to go into your decision about whether or not to use it totally blind.

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What Current Research And User Experience Tells Us 

Thanks to the research that has been done, and the documented experiences of those who have decided to see for themselves, there is
some information out there about what those who ingest Kratom may be able to expect. 

Read on to learn more! 

Long-term vs. Short-term Side Effects 

Like with most substances, Kratom has multiple side effects – some of which last during the duration of its compounds circulating through the body, and others that are potentially long-lasting. That is why it is critically important to spot the best vendors you can from the outset.

Potential Short-term side effects of Kratom 

Kratom has an estimated half-life of around 7 hours, and most of the complications listed in this section clear up during that time period, although that may not be the case for you. 

  • Nausea 
  • Blurred vision
  • Dizziness
  • Dry mouth
  • Itchiness 
  • Increased heart rate – May be dose/strain dependent 
  • Decreased heart rate – May be dose/strain dependent 
  • Shallow breathing – May be dose/strain dependent 
  • Arrhythmia 
  • Seizures  
  • Liver toxicity 

Potential Long-term side effects of Kratom 

These side effects seem to increase in likelihood with prolonged usage, and research indicates that they can persist even after its metabolites have been processed out of the body. It’s also important to note that if you become dependent or physically addicted to Kratom, discontinuing usage may have long-term side effects of its own. 

  • Dependence/addiction
  • Cross tolerance to opioids 
  • Constipation 
  • Changes in urination 
  • Weight loss 
  • Hair loss 
  • Liver toxicity 

There’s No Solid Way to Determine Severe Side Effect Potential

While the less severe side effects, like nausea and itchiness, occur in a large percentage of kratom users from time to time, the more severe side effects, like seizures, liver damage, and cardiac disturbances are reported far less often. 

However, researchers have yet to determine who may be more likely to experience some of the more severe side effects, and
you should not make a choice about whether or not to use Kratom based solely on the information provided here. 

Here are some of the
known real life cases where people, unfortunately, fell victim to Kratom’s potential for severe side effects. 

Side Effects From Mixing Kratom 

Long story short, you should never mix Kratom with other substances – not even with prescription medications. 

Kratom’s long list of largely unexplored compounds may interact with other compounds in unpredictable ways. 

What we
do know so far is that mixing Kratom with central nervous system depressants, other opioids, stimulants, psychedelics, cardiac medications, antidepressants, and antipsychotics is without a doubt dangerous, and greatly exasperates the likelihood of running into complications. 


Dose-Dependent Effects of Kratom 

One of Kratom’s attributes that makes it so unique is the broad range of effects that can be produced, and in most cases, controlled depending on the dosage, although some of the effects remain constant across all dosages. 

Even when taking the same strain, the experience from a 2-4 gram dose may differ greatly from a 4-7 gram dose from the same batch – and not just in intensity, but in the experience overall. 

While some of the effects mentioned here will likely sound appealing, it’s important to be aware that they may happen concurrently with any of the side effects mentioned above, or other unknown side effects regardless of the dosage or strain.

Kratom’s Effect At Low Doses 

  • Energizing 
  • Stimulating 
  • Euphoric
  • Confidence boosting
  • Decrease in inhibition 

Kratom’s Effect At Moderate to High Doses 

  • Analgesic 
  • Sedating 
  • Euphoric 
  • Decrease in inhibition

Routinely taking moderate to high doses of Kratom can increase tolerance relatively quickly, and in turn, increase your likelihood of becoming dependent and or physically addicted to Kratom.

The Takeaway 

Kratom boasts a number of attributes that may work to improve the overall quality of life for many, but it’s not perfect. 

It comes with a long list of known potential side effects that you should factor into your decision-making process, and possibly more than we have yet to become aware of. 

Have questions that you think we can help with? Feel free to drop a comment!

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