Kratom Alternatives

Kratom Alternatives

Kratom Alternatives

Kratom Alternatives

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While Kratom is without a doubt effective, there are some other members of the plant kingdom also capable of giving people relief.  And while some of these may not provide a scope of effects as broad as Kratom, they may prove to be useful or even preferred.

This is particularly true for those seeking relief from things like anxiety, or other issues where the pain-relieving effects of Kratom aren’t necessarily needed. In advocacy groups, Kratom is often viewed through a narrow lens that neglects to acknowledge its pitfalls. While many have claimed that Kratom has vastly improved their overall quality of life, it is not perfect.

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Why Would Someone Want an Alternative to Kratom?

The small amount of research and case studies that we do have access to indicate that in some people, there may be the potential for severe side effects, and as of now there is no clear way to determine who may be more susceptible to these side effects than others.  And even in the absence of side effects, certain kratom strains may just be too strong for beginners.

Kratom is also banned in several U.S cities and states, and is illegal in some other countries. This puts some people in a position where Kratom might not be a reasonable option. 

Kratoms most popular alternatives

Below, you’ll find some of the most “common” alternatives to Kratom. Although, it’s worth noting that Kratom is still pretty obscure in and of itself, with many of these alternatives following suit. 

Mitragyna Javanica and Mitragyna Hirsuta are not covered below, due to how similar to Kratom they are. If you’re looking to get as close to Kratom as possible, because of a ban in your area, these may be the best place to start. Although, there are some differences that you’ll want to research before proceeding. Also, be sure to check your local laws before ordering to make sure there is no language that indicates all mitragyna species are banned and not just mitragyna speciosa (Kratom). 

Akuamma Seeds

is a medicinal tree that has many usable parts, but the seeds are the most common, as this is where the highest concentrations of the plants’ active alkaloids reside. 

For those looking for alternatives to Kratom, its most noteworthy properties are its pain-relieving effects and its stimulating effects. 

Like Kratom, Akuamma has a large number of active alkaloids but the most prevalent one is Akuammine – which is believed to act on the mu-, delta-, and kappa-opioid receptors.

Some of its other alkaloids are believed to counteract the effects of adrenaline, support the nervous system, and reduce inflammation. 

However, like with Kratom and the other plants on this list – there’s not enough research to draw definite conclusions. 

Kava Kava

Kava Kava root
has been used for hundreds of years in Hawaii. Both ceremonially and as a way to foster community through strengthening social bonds. It made its way to other areas starting back in the 1980s. 

Today, all across the globe, you can find Kava bars where people come together to enjoy its effects. It’s also fairly easy to prepare and enjoy at home – especially if you choose a micronized or instant variety. 

Kava promotes a sense of relaxation and euphoria while simultaneously reducing muscle tension. Many people choose to use Kava as an alternative to alcohol and anxiety medications, due to its ability to induce the above effects without altering clarity of thought.

Kava acts primarily on the GABA receptors and is generally thought to be less habit-forming than Kratom, which acts on the opioid receptors although we cannot say for certian. 

With that being said, if  you’re looking for relaxation more so than pain relief, Kava could be a great alternative option for you. 

Blue Lotus 

Blue Lotus is a nervine with a wide variety of reported properties. It has been used since the times of Ancient Egypt, where it was often included in ceremonies and viewed as sacred. The main active compounds in Blue Lotus are nuciferine and aporphine

People claim it can have the following effects:


  • Gentle sedation
  • Mild analgesic 
  • Enhanced tactile sensations 
  • Mood lift
  • Euphoria 

It has an incredibly rich history that’s worth diving into. Blue Lotus was traditionally soaked in red wine, but if you’re looking to avoid alcohol, it can also be prepared as a tea, made into an extract, or mixed into a smoking blend. 

As with all plant-based alternatives, quality may vary from vendor to vendor so be sure to pick a reputable seller should you decide to try this alternative. 

Muira Puama

Muira Puama
is a tree native to the Amazon Rainforest that boats several complex medicinal properties. While it’s most notorious for its aphrodisiac effect, it turns out that’s not all it brings to the table. 

Many people report that it brings relief to the pain caused by inflammatory conditions like arthritis. Some other reported benefits include improving memory, reducing PMS symptoms, and reducing the symptoms associated with menopause. 

This plant should be avoided by those with cardiac and blood pressure issues, and there could be other precautions needed that we aren’t aware of. 

There Are Other Plants You May Want to Consider 

In this post, we narrowed it down to four plants that seem to embody the closest matches to Kratom’s combined effects, but there are others that may be better for you. 

Some noteworthy plants not mentioned above include:

    • Wild lettuce
    • Skullcap 
    • Incarvillea Sinensis
    • Guayusa (for energy)
    • Kanna

The Takeaway 

Before making the choice to pursue any of the plants mentioned here, it’s important to seek the opinion of a qualified medical professional, as there could be information that we’ve missed about safety.  

Also be sure to determine the legality of these plants in your area before purchasing. 

Know of an alternative not mentioned here? Leave us a comment!

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