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Best Kratom Vendors

The Best Kratom Vendors

After countless experiences with every major vendor, we have identified PurKratom as the overall best kratom vendor.

Your Guide

Because the kratom industry is still in its early stages and largely unregulated, it is important to choose a reputable vendor.  Important considerations include safety certifications like the American Kratom Association’s (“AKA”) Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) standards, the range of available strains, shipping and refund/guarantee policies and loyalty programs.  We’ve selected PurKratom as the best of the best kratom vendors based on its AKA GMP certification, its transparency in publishing third-party lab tests of its products, its enormous variety of strains, and because it is one of the few vendors to offer free shipping on all orders and a 30-day money back guarantee.

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Our Pick: PurKratom

PurKratom ranks at the top of our list of the best kratom vendors for a few reasons.

First, PurKratom is one of a relatively small handful of companies that have achieved full AKA GMP certification—a strong indication of its high-quality manufacturing processes, as well as the purity of its kratom products.

Second, PurKratom publishes all of its
third-party lab results on its website, detailing each product’s potency and purity—the latter being especially important given the contamination issues that have plagued lower-quality vendors.

Third, PurKratom is one of the longest-tenured vendors in the kratom industry, having been in business since 2013.  PurKratom’s parent company also operates PurCBD, a well-known and highly-reputable company in the cannabis industry.  In other words, PurKratom is part of a large, legitimate company, and note some fly-by-night operation.

Fourth, PurKratom offers one of the largest selections of strain and vein varieties, including numerous propriety blends.  For those of you (like me) who prefer capsules over powder, PurKratom offers virtually every strain in both powder and capsule form.

Finally, PurKratom has far and away the best shipping and refund policies.  In fact, PurKratom is the only major vendor we’re aware of that offers free shipping on all orders with no minimums, and they also maintain a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.

Best Kratom Vendors for Selection: Mitragaia

Mitragaia stands out for its impressive selection of kratom-related products, but that is not the only reason it ranks high on our list.

First, like PurKratom, Mitragaia has obtained full AKA GMP certification—essentially the most stringent certification in the industry.

Second, also like PurKratom, Mitragaia posts its third-party lab results on their
website, providing detailed information about potency and allowing you to ensure the products you purchase do not contain any contaminants.

Third, Mitragaia is a relatively long-time player in the industry (taking into account how new the industry is), having been in business since 2015.  You may know them better by their former name—Gaia Ethnobotanical—which they were forced to change due to a trademark dispute.

Fourth, as noted above Mitragaia offers the overall largest variety of strains and vein varieties, with most available in powder, capsule and extract form.  Mitragaia’s extracts have unheard-of potency of 20 to 50-times that of regular kratom powder.

Finally, Mitragaia offers a good mix of shipping options via USPS, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.  They also have a loyalty program that ultimately will net you five to ten percent savings on repeat purchases.  

Best Kratom Vendors for Bulk Purchases :  The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk is one of the best kratom vendors for bulk orders.  They perform extensive testing to ensure at least 1.7% alkaloid content in all products, even bulk lots (which is important because decreased potency is a significant issue with other bulk vendors).  But that is not all they have going for them.  In addition:

The Golden Monk is also a AKA GMP participant—which means they have not quite achieved full certification, but are generally committed to the AKA’s manufacturing standards (which is more than most vendors can say).  Further, though their kratom is sourced primarily in Indonesia, it is processed and tested in U.S. facilities that are subject to the U.S.’s higher manufacturing standards.

The Golden Monk offers a broad range of shipping options via USPS, and offers a 100% money-back guarantee with no time limit (one of the few vendors to place no limit on this guarantee).  They also offer a robust loyalty program that will consistently save you more than 10% on repeat purchases.

Best Kratom Vendors for Sustainability: Coastline Kratom

If you’re concerned about sustainability, in particular given that kratom is typically sourced from the lush forests of Southeast Asia, Coastline Kratom may be the best vendor for you.

Coastline Kratom is a
family business run out of North Carolina, and has been operating since 2015.  They work closely with indigenous tribes to source and harvest their kratom using ancient (and environmentally-friendly) methods.

Coastline Kratom offers a large variety of strains, but is most famous for its “enhanced” strains with greater potency.  They also offer a number of beginner packs for those who are new to kratom.

Coastline Kratom is one of the speediest shippers in the industry, with all orders shipped the same day they are placed.  They also offer a 100% money-back guarantee at any time and for any reason.

Best Kratom Vendors for Customer Service: Happy Hippo Herbals

Happy Hippo Herbals consistently receives the highest marks for customer service, making them a good choice if you prefer a little “hand holding” in selecting the best kratom for your needs.  They are also one of the oldest vendors around (a testament to their dedication to customers), having been in business since 2013.

Happy Hippo Herbals is another AKA GMP participant, meaning they have not implemented the full set of manufacturing practices required to obtain AKA GMP certification (which is difficult to do), but they have shown a commitment to quality and safety standards.

They have a large selection of strains, which they place into unique categories, including: 

  • “Slow,” which supports peace of mind, well-being and restful sleep;
  • “Medium,” which offers milder effects somewhere in between “slow” and “fast” strains; and
  • “Fast,” which supports energy, vibrance, productivity and social interaction.

Happy Hippo Herbals also offers kava and other botanical products, if those are of interest as a complement to kratom.

Happy Hippo Herbals offers generous savings based on payment method, with a 10% discount for paying via eCheck; a 20% discount for paying via mobile check; and a 25% discount for paying via Bitcoin.

Best Kratom Vendors for Alternatives: Kratora

If you’re interested in expanding beyond kratom, Kratora is a worthy vendor to check out.  Not only are the one of the best kratom vendors, but they also offer a wide variety of kratom alternatives, including akuamma seeds, blue lotus, kanna, kava kava, mitragyna hirsute, muira puama and sake naa.

With respect to kratom, Kratora has a huge selection, categorized not only by strains but also (quite helpfully) by specific effect and region where the kratom was sourced.  Kratora arguably has the most diverse selection of kratom, originating not only from Asia, but also from Africa and South America.

Kratora offers a nice variety of shipping speeds, and a 30-day money-back guarantee, though you must return at least 75% of the product to take advantage.  They also have a loyalty program that saves you approximately 10% on repeat purchases.

Best Kratom Vendors for Premium Kratom: Super Speciosa

Super Speciosa specializes in “premium” kratom powder and capsules, including beautiful and thoughtful packaging.  (They take the same approach with a line of high-end CBD products as well.)

Super Speciosa is AKA GMP Standards Qualified, meaning that it adheres to the highest manufacturing standards in the industry.  They also offer a points-based reward system where you can earn five points for every dollar spent, which ultimately translates to approximately ten percent savings.

Everything We Recommend

How to Choose the Best Kratom Vendors


High Quality Kratom


Kratom Leaves, Capsules and Powder from the Best Kratom Vendors


A good proxy for the best kratom vendors is, of course, the quality of their kratom.  It’s just not worth taking a risk with a dodgy vendor, especially given potential risks to heart health from sub-standard kratom.  But this can be difficult to judge objectively—especially without the help of sophisticated lab tests.  Luckily there are some industry certifications that serve as good proxies.


The highest certification in the industry is the AKA’s GMP standards, which establishes robust requirements regarding operating procedures, record keeping, adverse event reporting, recalls, marketing practices and requires third-party auditing of compliance.  


The AKA’s GMP standards are modeled after the FDA’s requirements for dietary supplements, which are stringent.


The full list of vendors who have achieved GMP standards certification can be found here.


Another marker of a high-quality kratom vendor is membership in the American Herbal Products Association.  The AHPA is a broader trade association for herbal products, but many of the more legitimate kratom vendors have joined.  The fill list of vendors can be found here.

We also like suppliers that specialize in kratom and aren’t heavily involved in marijuana products (who needs a failed drug test test these days?).


Length of Time in Business


Kratom dates back thousands of years, but only recently has become more popular in Western countries.  This has resulted in many new entrants to the market, some of whom are simply looking to make a quick buck.


One way to identify the best kratom vendors, therefore, is to check the length of time they’ve been in business.  Some good choices include:

  • Kratora (in business since 2012)
  • PurKratom (in business since 2013)
  • Happy Hippo Herbals (in business since 2015)
  • Coastline Kratom (in business since 2015)
  • Mitragaia (in business since 2015; previously known as Gaia Ethnobotanical)

Range of Strains and Products


Variety of the Best Kratom Strains in Wooden Spoons


Another way to determine the quality of the various brands (and their commitment to customers) is the range of strains it carries.  Different strains and veins of kratom have different effects—for example, a green Malay strain will provide different effects than a white Thai strain.  Various other strains offer pain relief, energy, euphoria, insomnia cures, reduced anxiety and sedation.  Good kratom suppliers know these differences and do not attempt to pass off generic “kratom” as a one-size-fits-all product.


The best kratom vendors also carry a range of product types—for example, powder, capsules, teas, extracts and even bulk options—to suit its customers’ varying preferences.  Many kratom brands also carry kratom alternatives like CBD oil and other botanicals. In terms of pure variety of strains and product types, our favorites are PurKratom, Coastline Kratom and Mitragaia.


Sourcing Location and Methods


As noted above, kratom has been popular in Southeast Asia for thousands of years.  This is no accident, as Southeast Asia’s tropical climate produces the highest quality kratom, and its natives are among the most skilled kratom harvesters on Earth.


It only makes sense, then, that your kratom should be sourced from Southeast Asia.  Don’t experiment!  Be extremely wary of kratom grown elsewhere in the world (e.g., Canada), as these locales simply do not have the conditions necessary to produce the highest quality kratom leaf.  Non-Southeast Asian brands have frequently been in the news (or reported on Reddit) as providing substandard, and in some cases, tainted kratom.


You might also want to look for vendors who work with indigenous tribes to harvest kratom.  Indigenous tribes typically use more sustainable harvesting methods that foreign commercial operations, and you will be supporting the local economy.  The best choices for vendors that both source solely from Southeast Asia and work with indigenous tribes are PurKratom and Coastline Kratom.


Shipping and Refund Policies


Kratom Vendor Shipping Kratom


If you want to save yourself a trip to the local headshop, a range of shipping options is important, and free shipping options are critical as shipping costs can add up over time.  Guarantees are also a significant consideration.  Though most vendors in the industry offer some sort of guarantee, you’ll want to look for the longest possible refund period, with the minimum number of hoops to jump through (notably, ever shop we recommend offers quick shipping within the USA, as well as full refunds for at least 30 days and for any reason).


The best overall choice in terms of shipping and refund policies is clearly PurKratom.  They are the only major vendor to offer free shipping on all orders regardless of weight (along with a number of paid options for faster shipping), and fill refunds within 30 days for any reason whatsoever.

Honorable mention goes to Coastline Kratom, which offers full refunds for any reason with no time limit.


Vendor Loyalty Programs and Discounts


If you are a repeat purchaser, savings from loyalty programs and other discounts can really add up over time.  The best choices we’ve found are:

  • The Golden Monk, Kratora, Super Speciosa and Mitragaia all have points-based reward programs that ultimate result in savings of approximately 10%.
  • Happy Hippo Herbals offers discounts of 10-25% for paying via eCheck, mobile check or Bitcoin.
  • Honorable mention to Kraken Kratom, which frequently makes coupons available on its home page.

Our Pick:  PurKratom

  • AKA GMP Standard certified, the highest certification in the industry.
  • Publishes third-party lab results of its kratom on its website.
  • One of the longest-tenured vendors in the industry—in business since 2013.
  • Huge variety of strains and veins, including proprietary blends, in both powder and capsule form.
  • Best overall shipping and refund policies—one of the only vendors to offer standard free shipping.
  • Offers 30-day money back guarantee for any reason.

Best Kratom Vendors for Selection

  • AKA GMP participant.
  • Posts all lab results on their website.
  • Formerly known as Gaia Ethnobotanical, which was well-regarded in industry.
  • In business since 2015.
  • Overall largest variety of strains and veins.
  • Offer powder, capsules and extract.
  • Extract 20-50x as potent as powder.
  • Partner with farmers in Indonesia to source high quality kratom in a sustainable manner.
  • Offer standard shipping options available via USPS.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Loyalty points program that nets 5-10% savings.

Best Kratom Vendors for Bulk Purchases 

  • AKA GMP participant.
  • Testing ensures at least 1.7% alkaloid content, which ensures potency even of bulk orders.
  • Wide variety of strains and veins, also offer hemp CBD products.
  • Kratom sourced from Indonesia, but tested and packed in the US.
  • 2-3 day shipping via USPS Priority and 1-2 day shipping with USPS Express.
  • 100% money back guarantee with no time limit.

Best Kratom Vendors for Sustainability

  • Family business run out of North Carolina.
  • Been in business since 2015.
  • Large varieties of strains and offer “enhanced” strains with greater potency. Also have beginner’s packs for those new to kratom.
  • Source all kratom from its indigenous areas, use local tribal people to harvest.
  • All orders ship within one day.
  • Refunds for any reason at any time.

Best Kratom Vendors for Customer Service

  • AKA GMP participant.
  • In business since 2013.
  • Large selection of strains, with unique categorization of slow (supports peace of mind, well-being, restful sleep), moderate (in between slow and fast) and fast (supports energy, vibrance, productivity and social interaction) leafs.
  • Also offers kava.
  • USPS Priority and Express shipping.
  • 10% discount for eCheck; 20% discount for mobile check; 25% off for bitcoin.

Best Kratom Vendors for Alternatives

  • Huge selection, categorized not only by strains, but also by specific effect and region sourced.
  • Source from Asia, Africa and South America, and allows searching by region.
  • Offers wide variety of kratom alternatives, including akuamma seeds, blue lotus, kanna, kava kava, mitragyna hirsute, muira puama, and sakae naa.
  • USPS Priority and Express shipping.
  • 30-day money back guarantee so long as you return 75% of the product purchased.
  • Loyalty points program saves you 10%.

Best Kratom Vendors for Premium Kratom

  • High-end kratom powder and capsules with beautiful packaging.
  • Offer not only kratom, but also hemp CBD products.
  • USPS Priority and Express shipping.
  • Rewards program allows you to earn 5 points for every dollar spent, which is ultimately worth up to 10% savings.