Kratom Capsules and Powder Used for Treating Anxiety

The Best Kratom for Anxiety Relieving Effects

Kratom Capsules and Powder Used for Treating Anxiety

The Best Kratom for Anxiety Relieving Effects

After much research and testing, we’ve identified KratomCrazy’s Red Vein Indo Kratom as the best kratom for anxiety.

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With anxiety disorders affecting more than a third of the U.S. population, many people are looking for alternatives to prescriptions.  Kratom can be an effective natural remedy, but different strains and vein varieties can produce significantly different effects, so selecting the right strain and vein for anxiety relief is critical.  Indo, Borneo and Malaysian strains are all effective for treating anxiety, with red vein varieties usually being the best choice.  We’ve specifically identified KratomCrazy’s Red Vein Indo Kratom as the overall best kratom for anxiety due to effective relief without excessive sedation or stimulation.

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Our Pick: KratomCrazy Red Vein Indo

KratomCrazy’s Red Vein Indo Kratom is among the most popular strains for for people who feel anxious, and produces the “purest” treatment of anxiety.  In other words, while many strains treat anxiety simply by sedating you, Indo offers effective relief of the underlying symptoms while still allowing you to feel like yourself. 

Indo is also not particularly stimulating, so you need not feel excessively energized (which would likely be counterproductive to calming your anxiety anyway).  Still, Indo promotes powerful feelings of well-being, which both helps to eliminate feelings of anxiousness, and prevents them from recurring.  Indo is one of the longest-lasting strains, with effects lasting up to six hours.

As described more fully below, KratomCrazy is one of the most reputable vendors in the industry and produces the best red vein Indo strain we could find.

Best Kratom for Deep Relaxation: PurKratom Red Vein Borneo

PurKratom’s Red Vein Borneo Kratom offers extremely effective anxiety relief due to high levels of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine.  But that much 7-hydroxymitragynine can also cause significant drowsiness.

Some users actually may want the deep relaxation Borneo causes – at least for nighttime use or lazy weekends – but you should be aware that sleepiness will almost certainly result and take accordingly.

PurKratom is one of the industry’s heavyweights, boasting things like the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practice Standards certification, and one of the industry’s best quality guarantees (not to mention free shipping on all orders!).

Best Kratom for Mild Anxiety: The Golden Monk Super Green Malay

The Golden Monk’s Green Malay Kratom offers milder relief than the Indo and Borneo strains reviewed above.  This makes green Malay more suitable for mild anxiety and/or more frequent use.  Green Malay is arguably the longest-lasting kratom strain, with effects lasting 8-10 hours.

Like PurKratom, The Golden Monk holds the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standards certification, provides extensive documentation about third-party lab tests of its products.

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Why Use Kratom to Treat Anxiety?


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Incredibly more than one-third of the U.S. population will be affected by an anxiety disorder at some point in their lifetime, whether a general anxiety disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, social anxiety, panic attacks or other phobias.  


With the U.S. population currently hovering around 330 million people, that means more than 100 million Americans will suffer from some form of anxiety during their lifetime!


Kratom is becoming a popular natural alternative to prescription medication, which can be accompanied by unwanted side effects and create dependency.  Kratom is often part of a more natural course of treatment, including practices like yoga and meditation.


Is Kratom Effective for Treating Anxiety?


No Stress Written in Sand


It’s important to remember that kratom is a dietary supplement, so it is not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”), nor is it currently approved for the treatment of anxiety or depression.


But both anecdotal evidence and numerous clinical studies have suggested that kratom can in fact be used to treat anxiety and depression.  But only certain strains and vein varieties are effective, as kratom’s effects are highly dependent upon the type and quantity of alkaloids present, which varies significantly between strain and vein varieties.


How Does Kratom Work to Treat Anxiety?


Kratom is not actually an opioid, though it works through a similar mechanism.  With respect to pain relief, it is well established that the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine binds to opioid receptors in the brain, thereby setting off a chain reaction that ultimately results in pain relief.


Though the exact workings are not yet fully understood, a similar mechanism is believed to be responsible for kratom’s anti-anxiety and anti-depression properties.  Therefore, you’ll like want to select options with high 7-hydroxymitragrynine content for maximum anxiety relief.


Perhaps equally important is low mitragynine content, as mitragynine is believed to be one of the primary factors responsible for kratom’s stimulating effects.  Excessive stimulation is generally counterproductive to treating anxiety, and therefore strains and vein varieties with high mitragynine content are probably best avoided for this purpose.


How to Ingest Kratom for Anxiety Relief


There are numerous ways to ingest kratom, but the most popular are powder (sometimes called the “toss and wash” method), capsules and tea.  There is currently no research, or even any anecdotal evidence, that any method or form of product is better than the others for anxiety treatment.


But you should keep in mind that kratom tea is generally weaker than kratom powder or capsules, because the alkaloid in kratom tea leaves are not fully extracted by hot water (which might be desirable if you suffer only from mild anxiety, but could leave you wanting stronger effects if you suffer from more severe anxiety).


Best Kratom Strains for Anxiety


Kratom Leaves Used for Treating Anxiety




After extensive research and testing, we believe Indo is the overall best kratom for anxiety.  Indo offers potent, targeted relief from anxiety symptoms without the sedation associated with strains like Borneo, making it an excellent choice for this purpose.


But Indo is also not particularly stimulating – one of the few strains that is “right in the middle,” so you don’t have to choose between sedation and stimulation like you do with most strains.  In addition, Indo not only helps mitigate anxiety symptoms, but also offers powerful mood enhancement and feelings of well-being.


Finally, Indo is one of the longer-lasting strains, with effects felt up to six hours.  This makes Indo a particularly good choice for anxiety symptoms, which can often strike or recur unexpectedly throughout the day.  Indo helps guard against that for relatively long periods of time.




Borneo probably offers the strongest-possible anxiety relief, but it is also highly sedative.  So you must be sure you want the sleepiness Borneo is sure to cause before you take it.  For this reason, Borneo is probably best reserved for nighttime use, or when you know you don’t need to be productive for the day.


Borneo is extremely high in 7-hydroxymitragynine content, which is believed to be primarily responsible for kratom’s anti-anxiety effects.  7-hydroxymitragynine is also known for its strong pain relief, so Borneo may be a good choice if you happen to suffer from both anxiety and physical pain.


Borneo is also correspondingly low in mitragynine, which is believed to be responsible for kratom’s energizing effects.  So Borneo is one of the best options for avoiding unnecessary stimulation that actually might worsen anxiety symptoms rather than alleviate them.  Borneo’s very low incidence of side effects like nausea (or the “wobbles”) may be attributable to its low levels of mitragynine.


Red Borneo is generally the best choice for anxiety, though green is acceptable too – particularly if you want to lessen Borneo’s sedative effects.  White Borneo is the least effective for anxiety, as white vein varieties tend to be more stimulating than green and red.  A white Borneo would still be only mildly stimulating (at most), but there’s probably no reason to use the more effective red and green vein varieties.




Malay offers effective relief from anxiety, but it is decidedly milder than Indo or Borneo.  Still, Malay offers the longest-lasting effects of any kratom strain – eight to ten hours – so people who prefer long-lasting relief may prefer Malay over the stronger Indo and Borneo.


Green is generally believed to be the best option for anxiety, bucking the usual trend of red being best for this purpose.  Red is of course acceptable, but may produce less mood enhancement than green.  White is again a poor choice for anxiety, as it is likely to be stimulating and may actually worsen your anxiety.


Kratom Strains to Avoid for Anxiety Treatment


Maeng Da


Maeng Da — one of the original strains made available commercially — is well known as a highly stimulating strain (in fact probably the most stimulating strain).  It is also known to promote feelings of well-being, but it does so primarily through its energizing effects.  This is likely to be undesirable for anxiety sufferers, as excessive stimulation may well worsen your anxiety, especially if you take kratom daily.


White and green veins are absolutely to be avoided for treatment, as they are both highly stimulating and will not produce the calming effects you seek.  Red could in theory dampen Maeng Da’s energizing effects to make it a viable choice for anxiety treatment, but there is really no reason not to use the better choices of Indo, Borneo or Malaysian strains.




We were hesitant to include Bali in this list, because Bali is not necessarily bad for anxiety, it’s just generally not effective.  Bali is most commonly used for pain relief, and is frequently described as the most “opioid like.”


The one possible exception is that Bali’s sedating effects may be useful for those who suffer panic attacks.  Bali’s effects are famously short-lived (lasting just a couple of hours at most), which may allow you to overcome a panic attack, and then move on with your day once the effects have worn off.  If you’re interested in trying a Bali strain, we highly recommend the Red Vein Bali Kratom from Coastline Kratom.


But Bali has the highest incidence of side effects as compared to other strains, particularly at higher doses.  This probably makes Borneo a better choice in most cases.




Like Maeng Da, Thai is generally not a good choice for anxiety, as it is just too stimulating.  White and green vein varieties in particular are very energizing and likely to make anxiety worse.  Red vein varieties may help mitigate Thai’s stimulating effects, though red Thai is better known as a pain reliever.


Best Kratom Vein Varieties for Anxiety


Close Up of Kratom Veins


As you’ve probably caught on by now, red is the best overall choice for anxiety.  Most red strains are at least slightly sedative, however, so you should expect drowsiness with these varieties.


Green is also a viable choice, especially if avoiding sedative effects is a priority.  Green may in fact be mildly stimulating, but the mood enhancement green is known for will typically overcome any increase in anxiety caused by energizing effects.


White is virtually never a good choice for anxiety treatment.  White vein kratom is almost always higher in mitragynine than other vein varieties of the same strain, making it more stimulating and likely to worsen anxiety symptoms rather than offer the calming effects you desire.


Effective Dosage for Treatment of Anxiety


One interesting property of kratom is how much dosage influences its effects.  All else being equal, lower doses (in the range of 1-2 grams) tend to be more stimulating, which is generally not effective for reducing anxiety.  Higher doses (in the range of 5-6+ grams) tend to result in pain relief and sedation, which may be effective for reducing anxiety, but the sedation may be excessive and unnecessary.  Moderate doses (in the range of 3-5 grams) are the sweet spot for anxiety, offering the correct balance of relaxing effects without too much drowsiness.


It is of course always best to start small and assess your tolerance before taking more kratom than necessary.  You should also be mindful that kratom can interact with other substances, particularly alcohol and prescription drugs, and produce stronger-than-intended (and possibly unsafe) effects.  Kratom should never be mixed with alcohol or prescription drugs.

Our Pick:  KratomCrazy Red Vein Indo Kratom

KratomCrazy’s Red Vein Indo Kratom is the overall best kratom for anxiety, offering effective relief of anxiety symptoms without relying on sedation.  Indo also does not cause much stimulation, avoiding the usual tradeoff between stimulation and sedation.  Indo is also a mood enhancer and relatively long-lasting strain, with effects lasting up to six hours.


KratomCrazy is known for rigorous lab testing and guaranteed minimums of active alkaloids.  Kratom Crazy also offers an iron-clad money-back guarantee.


Best Kratom for Anti-Anxiety with Deep Relaxation:  PurKratom Red Vein Borneo Kratom

PurKratom’s Red Vein Borneo offers extremely effective anxiety relief due to high levels of 7-hydroxymintragynine, but also causes drowsiness.  Some users may actually want the deep relaxation Borneo strains cause, at least for nighttime use.


Among all the strains we’ve rated, Borneo strains have the lowest incidence of side effects like nausea, and are popular among users who have difficulty tolerating other strains.


PurKratom hold the American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standards certification, which is the highest certification in the industry.  PurKratom also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and free shipping on all orders.

Best Kratom for Mild Anxiety:  The Golden Monk Super Green Malay Kratom


The Golden Monk’s Green Malay Kratom offers milder relief than Indo or Borneo, making it a good choice for mild anxiety or everyday use.  Malay’s effects are famously long-lasting, and will promote feelings of well-being for nearly the entire day.


The Golden Monk is also American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standards certified, and offers extensive details about third-party lab testing on their website.  And like KratomCrazy and PurKratom, they also offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

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