Best Kratom Capsules in Bowl

The Best Kratom Capsules

Best Kratom Capsules in Bowl

The Best Kratom Capsules

After extensive research and testing, we’ve identified PurKratom as having the overall best kratom capsules.

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Kratom has traditionally been consumed in leaf or powder form, but capsules have recently become extremely popular due to their convenience.  Powder is messy, bitter and can irritate your throat, while capsules are tasteless and odorless, can be consumed discreetly anywhere and permit precise dosing – which is critical to obtaining desired effects.  We’ve identified PurKratom as having the best kratom capsules, taking into account variety, safe manufacturing certifications, satisfaction guarantees and free shipping.

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Our Pick:  PurKratom Kratom Capsules

PurKratom is the undisputed king of kratom capsules, with more strain and vein varieties available in capsule form than virtually any other vendor.  In fact, PurKratom offers 21 different types of kratom capsules.

They also offer a convenient variety pack that allows you to select any three of their 21 strain and vein varieties for 15% off.

PurKratom also holds the American Kratom Association (“AKA”) Good Manufacturing Practice (“GMP”) standards certification, which is the most stringent certification in the industry.  This certification is particularly important for capsules given the contamination risk with less reputable suppliers.

PurKratom is the only major retailer in the industry to offer free shipping on all orders, and they also offer a 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee.

Best Advocates: Kratom Capsules

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting is that their website is dated, and their branding leaves something to be desired – to say the least. 

But don’t let appearances fool you. is well known in the industry for extremely high-quality kratom capsules.   In fact, maintains an FDA-inspected AKA GMP standards-certified facility, and posts independent lab results for every strain on their product pages originally sold only kratom capsules, but have since branched out into powder and kratom alternatives like kava, akuamma and chuchuhuasi.  They still have a fairly narrow selection – just six different strain and vein varieties – but all are of exceedingly high quality.

Beyond the high-quality kratom capsules, you’ll be patronizing a staunch supporter of the industry, as is well known for their advocacy and lobbying efforts to keep kratom legal.

Lastly, if you happen to have Bitcoin, offers an impressive 20% discount simply for paying in Bitcoin!

Best Extracts:  Original Harvest Kratom Capsules

Original Harvest is another vendor known for its huge variety of kratom capsules, boasting 30 strain and vein combinations.  They are also one of the few vendors to offer highly-potent kratom extract in capsule form via their 10x Kratom Extract Capsules.

If you happen to be vegetarian or vegan, Original Harvest guarantees that its capsules are 100% plant-based and vegan.

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Why Kratom Capsules Over Other Forms?


Kratom Capsules on Table

As you likely know, kratom comes in several different forms – powders, tea leaves, extracts, capsules and even edibles.  So what makes capsules such a popular choice?

Kratom Capsules Are Convenient


If you’ve ever tried kratom powder, you know that it is messy, and has a bitter and unpleasant taste and smell.  Powder also irritates most people’s throats, especially over time.


To combat these issues, powder is usually mixed with liquid or food like yogurt to make it more palatable, but even then many still find it difficult to consume.


Capsules or pills, on the other hand, are easy to ingest, and they completely eliminate kratom’s harsh taste and smell.  Capsules are also portable and can be consumed discreetly anywhere.


Kratom Capsules Allow Precise Dosages


Woman Taking Kratom Pill


With kratom, achieving your desired effects – whether energy, euphoria, pain relief, anxiety relief, or any of kratom’s myriad other benefits – is highly dependent on dosage.


In general, a kratom capsule does of approximately 1-2 grams will result in energizing effects.  A kratom capsule dose of approximately 3-5 grams will result in anti-anxiety and other positive mood support effects.  A kratom capsule dose of approximately 5+ grams will result in pain relief and deep relaxation.


Kratom capsules are typically 500 mg (i.e., half of a gram) each, so doses can be perfectly calibrated.  Not only does this help you achieve your desired effect, but it also keeps you safe, as you’ll always know exactly how much kratom you’ve consumed.


Kratom Capsules Preserve Potency Better


To properly preserve its potency, you must keep kratom away from air, light and moisture, all of which cause kratom’s alkaloids to break down.  This can be difficult with powder, especially once the package has been opened.


Capsules, on the other hand, usually come in an opaque bottle with near-complete protection from air, light and moisture – automatically.


Cons of Kratom Capsules


Man Giving Thumbs Down to Cons of Kratom Capsules


While kratom capsules offer some distinct benefits over other forms of kratom, there are some drawbacks too.


Most notably, kratom capsules are typically a bit more expensive than powders.  But our research shows the difference is usually small.  For example, PurKratom’s popular white Maeng Da kratom powder is approximately $17.99 per ounce (or approximately $0.64 per gram), while in capsule form it is $19.99 per ounce (or approximately $0.71 per gram).  But once you take into account the likely waste with messy powder, as well as the need to combine powder with liquid or food, the difference in cost is probably negligible.


Another drawback of kratom capsules is that some vendors use highly-processed capsule shells, detracting from the natural experience of consuming pure kratom.  All of the vendors we recommend, however, use natural and/or vegan ingredients, even in their capsule shells.


Can You Make the best Kratom Capsules?


If you’re concerned about the cost or potential for artificial ingredients with store-bought kratom capsules, you could in theory purchase kratom powder and gelatin capsules and make your own capsules, but there are some things to keep in mind.


First, this creates a pretty high risk of contamination, as you likely won’t be preparing the capsules in a sterile lab.  Especially if the capsules will then be stored for any length of time (giving any bacteria you’ve introduced time to grow), contamination is a serious issue.


Second, filling small capsules with a very fine powder is difficult and time-consuming, and likely to result in significant waste (thereby eliminating some or most of the cost savings you might have realized).


Third, unless you have precise measurement tools, dosages will be uncertain, and you’ll lose one of the main benefits (precise dosages) of commercially-manufactured kratom capsules.

Our Pick:  PurKratom Kratom Capsules

  • Overall highest number of strain and vein varieties available in capsule form — 21 different strain and vein types.
  • Also offer variety pack that allows you to select any three of their 21 strain/vein varieties for 15% off.
  • PurKratom is AKA GMP standards certified — most stringent certification in the industry.  This is particularly important for capsules given contamination risk with lesser vendors.
  • PurKratom offers free shipping on all orders.
  • 30-day 100% money-back guarantee.

PurKratom’s Best Capsules

PurKratom’s Green Maeng Da is relatively new, as historically white and red Maeng Da have been more common.  But green Maeng Da has quickly become PurKratom’s overall best seller due to its relaxation and mood-boosting effects, without the drowsiness associated with other vein varieties (especially red).

Users report that green Maeng Da is also effective for pain relief, while keeping them alert and focused.  This is a unique combination of effects, and green Maeng Da is one of the only strain and vein varieties that offers pain relief and energizing effects simultaneously.

PurKratom’s Bali is the most opioid-like kratom, known for its strong pain relief properties. Bali is also likely to be sedating, particularly at higher doses.  User consistently rank Bali as one of the best strains for pain relief and relaxation.

Bali may be a good choice if you suffer from significant pain, and/or for nighttime use.

PurKratom’s red vein Borneo is probably best known for its anti-anxiety effects.  It is high in 7-hydroxymitragynine, which is most closely associated with anti-anxiety and pain relief.

Red vein Borneo is also relatively low in mitragynine, which is usually associated with energizing effects.  So, overall, this strain and vein variety is likely to produce anti-anxiety and deeply relaxing effects.

As an added benefit, Borneo is also know for its low incidence of side effects like nausea, making it a good choice for beginners or those who are sensitive to kratom’s effects.

PurKratom’s white Maeng Da is primarily known for its stimulating effects.  It is most commonly used for energy, focus and productivity.

White strains in general are the most energizing, and white Maeng Da is probably the best overall choice for this purpose, as it is energizing without being overwhelming.

If strong energizing effects are desired, remember (somewhat counterintuitively), to take a small dose of only 1-2 grams.

PurKratom’s green Malay is something of a jack of all trades.  It is primarily sought after for its mild, but long-lasting energizing effects, which are often described as roughly equivalent to a good cup of coffee (and which can last for up to six hours).

But Green Malay also offers potent mood support effects, and is often used to manage anxiety.

Last but not least, green Malay can even be effective for treating mild, dull pain, without the sedative effects associated with the stronger strains typically used for pain relief.

Best Advocates: Kratom Capsules

  • Branding leaves something to be desired, and website dated.
  • But well-known in industry for extremely high-quality kratom capsules.
  • Maintain FDA-inspected, American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice standards certified facilities.
  • Show lab results of every strain on the product page.
  • Initially sold only kratom capsules, but have since branched out into powder and kratom alternatives like kava, akuamma and chuchuhuasi.
  • Have a narrow variety — only six strain/vein varieties, but all very high quality.
  • Strong advocates for keeping kratom legal, and your purchase has the added benefit of funding lobbying efforts.
  • Offer deep discount of 20% if you pay with Bitcoin.’s Best Capsules’s Green Maeng Da is an energizing strain, but with more moderate effects than a white Maeng Da, making it a popular choice. 

Green vein kratom is also known especially for its mood-boosting effects, whereas white is known for its purely energizing effects.

At higher doses, green Maeng Da can even be effective for pain relief (though probably only for mild pain, and red is a better choice if serious pain relief is your primary objective).’s Bali is probably the best overall strain for severe pain relief, and users frequently report that it is effective for difficult-to-treat pain in their backs and joints.

Remember, though, that Bali is sleep-inducing, so it is probably best used in the evenings, or when you don’t mind a few hours of deep relaxation.’s red Indo is probably best known for its anti-anxiety properties.  Unlike most reds, red Indo is actually mildly stimulating, though its primary effects are still related to easing anxiety and improving your mood.

Red Indo is another long-lasting strain, and its effects can be felt for up to six hours.

Best Extracts:  Original Harvest Kratom Capsules

  • Huge variety, 30 strain and vein combinations.
  • One of the few vendors to offer highly-potent extract in capsule form via their 10x Kratom Extract Capsules.
  • Capsules are 100% plant-based and vegan.

Original Harvest’s Best Capsules

Hailing from the Kalimantan region of the Island of Borneo in Indonesia, Original Harvest’s Kali is a close relative of Bali, but slightly less intense.  Kali will still cause deep relaxation and promote sleep, making it a good choice for dealing with insomnia.  Anecdotally, users also report that Kali is particularly effective for muscle and nerve pain.

Original Harvest’s red Bali is known for both its pain relief and anti-anxiety effects.  Most people find red Bali to be deeply sedating due to its high 7-hydroxymitragynine content and correspondingly low mitragynine content (which is generally believed to be responsible for kratom’s energizing effects).


Bali is that it is usually the most affordable kratom, because Bali’s native kratom trees grow quickly and develop large leaves, resulting in abundant harvests.

Unlike most kratom, Original Harvest’s Bentuangie isn’t named after its geographical location, but rather the process used to enhance its alkaloid concentration.


Bentuangie is a moderately sedating strain, good for relieving aches and pains without inducing sleep.  It also has relatively long-lasting effects of 4-6 hours.

Original Harvest’s green Bali is balanced strain and vein variety, high in both 7-hydroxymitragynine (generally known for pain relief) and mitragynine (generally known for energizing effects). 


This unique combination makes green Bali a good choice for daytime pain relief, or when both pain relief and attention and focus are required.

Original Harvest’s green Maeng Da is arguably the most popular kratom strain.  It is known for its energizing effects, but is still one step below white Maeng Da (which is probably the most stimulating kratom strain available – in fact, too potent for some people).


Green Maeng Da also offers some pain relief, and without the sedation usually associated with the red strains more typically used for pain.

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