Best Herbal Apothecaries in New York

Best Herbal Apothecaries in New York

High-end herbal apothecaries are becoming a go-to source for herbal remedies and other natural products, and that is especially true in New York.  We’ve listed below our favorite herbal apothecaries throughout the five boroughs. 

Flower Power Herbs and Roots

Flower Power Homepage

Address:  East Village:  406 East 9th Street, New York, New York 10009; Essex Market:  88 Essex Street, Stall #36, New York, New York 10002; Piermont:  449 Piermont Avenue, New York, New York 10968

About:  Flower Power Herbs and Roots has been offering wild crafted and organic herbs, roots and extracts to New Yorkers for more than a quarter century.  They now have three locations, conveniently located in East Village, Essex Market and Piermont. 

Why We Love It:  Flower Power’s selection truly cannot be beat, and if you need hard-to-find herbs, they are almost certainly in stock here. The store is deeply committed to education, and has a fantastic collection of books on herbal remedies, as well as extraordinarily helpful “Wise Women/Green Witches” to assist you.

Lin Sister

Lin Sister Homepage

Address:  4 Bowery, New York, New York, 10013

About: Lin Sister is an herbal apothecary specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, and has now been serving New Yorkers for over 20 years.  If you’re looking for an herbalist well-versed in traditional Chinese medicine, Lin Sister is an excellent choice.   

Why We Love It:  Lin Sister stocks virtually every herb used in traditional Chinese medicine, and is run by highly knowledgeable herbalists.  Consultations are inexpensive, and the herbs are reasonably priced.  

Sun’s Organic Garden

Sun's Organic Garden Homepage

Address:  79 Bayard Street, New York, New York 10013

About:  Sun’s Organic Garden is located in Chinatown Manhattan, and carries over 500 varieties of tea sourced from all over the world.  They also carry more than 500 types of wild and organic herbs used for treating virtually any condition.  

Why We Love It:  Sun’s Organic Garden’s has an enormous selection that is hard to beat, especially with respect to their teas.  If you’re a tea lover, Sun’s is one of New York’s best hidden gems and an absolute can’t-miss.

Radicle Herb Shop

Radicle Herb Shop

Address:  349 Atlantic Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11217

About:  Radicle Herb Shop is located in the heart of Brooklyn and offers certified organic herbs, spices and extracts.  Their storefront is quaint but their selection rivals bigger shops anywhere.      

Why We Love It:  Radicle Herb Shop is committed to working with suppliers who use organic and sustainable farming methods, with a heavy preference for Fair Trade suppliers.  

Lionheart Natural Herbs & Spices

Lionheart Natural Herbs and Spices Homepage

Address:  782 Nostrand Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11216

About:  A Brooklyn staple since 1999, Lionheart is perhaps best known for their selection of teas from all over the world, and in particular the Caribbean.  They also offer a wide variety unique gifts from distant cultures.   

Why We Love It:  Lionheart is not just a store, but a unique cultural experience.  The owner is Jamaican by birth, but raised in London and Toronto, and the shop reflects his unique heritage and upbringing.

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