Month: June 2020

Suboxone and Kratom

Will Kratom Have Any Effect If You’re On Suboxone?

Kratom and Suboxone have both become increasingly common in recovery communities. Both are said to alleviate withdrawal symptoms and reduce the chances of relapse, but unlike Suboxone, Kratom is multifaceted and used by people for many other reasons too. Kratom is also plant-based, which has appeal for those who are looking to keep things natural. Although, …

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Kava vs Kratom

Kava vs. Kratom

While both of these plants are appealing to similar demographics, there are some key differences when it comes to the effects produced and how they’re produced. Curious about the most noteworthy differences?  Read on to learn more! Pharmacological Differences and Effects  While there are some similarities between the two plants, the mechanisms of action between Kava …

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